Winter break always allows for pause and reflection, and of course family members in need of technical assistance!  As we dust off items left unfinished before holidays and usher in a new business year, we would like to quickly issue heartfelt thanks to our clients and partners. The hosting industry evolves daily, and we are proud to be an option for those looking for exceptional services with a personal touch.    


Our senior team of engineers is now Amazon Web Services (AWS) certified, and we can support clients leveraging their cloud products.  We can assist in the design and implementation of a new project, or provide ongoing maintenance and 24/7 support. If you are looking for ways your organization can benefit by utilizing AWS, we can help.  


In 2016 we saw our Enterprise Virtual Server (E-VS) platform grow substantially.  It is a popular option with Creative Agencies as we take the headache out of system admin, allowing talent to focus on their core business.  Upon project completion, agencies can sign off, knowing their clients are in good hands.  A bonus is watching a fun, exciting website take shape and accessing industries in which we would normally not cross paths, such as The Honest Kitchen and Tofurky.

This year we also donated a year of free E-VS hosting to a newly launched educational project, Road To Growth, which promotes the education of women in emerging countries.  As a mission-based organization, there is nothing more rewarding than partnering with people who truly make a difference.


Just talking about bare metal sends our pulses racing!  Outfitting sophisticated application designs is the cornerstone of our business and something we do extremely well.  Even as the popularity of the public cloud grows, nothing exceeds the power, performance, and security of a private cloud.  It is a viable option for clients with high-security measures and demands.  We go through rigorous security documentation and protocols hand in hand with our customers as regulations tighten.


This year saw the launch of our Global Service offerings, allowing us to offer more flexible, fun, and creative solutions for our clients.  For one client, we implemented a lean and agile support team, and for another, we provided website and social media content.  These offerings help us to branch out, expand into other markets push the limits of our capacity.     

This year it is our goal to focus on what has made us successful in the past:

  • Proactive, common sense solutions
  • Timely, effective communication
  • Fast, reliable services

We are a solid layer between you and the server and a great option for those looking for a partner in managed hosting.  


Let’s get started!

Drop us a line and we’ll answer your questions and help you select the right managed hosting solution for your business.

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