As a Web Hosting provider, Network Redux is frequently asked the question, “You host websites… do you also develop websites?” Until now, the answer has mostly been No. However, with newly galvanized relationships, such as the one recently formed with the talented software developers at SingleMind Consulting, the answer is now emphatically Yes. “SingleMind is a professional services company with a variety of clients in a multitude of verticals,” describes Cort Buchholz, the founder of SingleMind. A primary focus that I’ve tried to maintain during our hiring process, is to find developers with considerable depth and comprehension in both Networking and System Administration. Thankfully, this hiring practice allowed our company to grow at a rather rapid pace due to our cross-functionality.

Cort continues, We’ve been rather self-contained over the years, not having to use outside resources for any of our IT needs, like some development shops. However, as we’ve grown, it has been proven that we are more effective and profitable as a team when we focus on our software development-based professional services, versus Systems Administration and Networking services.” This is where a Web Hosting company like Network Redux shines as strategic partners with web developers. “Among the benefits of a partnership such as this, is SingleMind can now focus on its core software development offerings – and all of our hosting and infrastructure consulting can be outsourced to Network Redux. Instead of having our own hardware in a datacenter, we can utilize Network Redux’’s services at a competitive cost; all the while knowing we have their entire team standing behind us to ensure our clients get the level of service they deserve.”  As fellow Open Source advocates, SingleMind specializes in Drupal module and theme development as well as the following areas of expertise:- Java Enterprise development and hosting- .Net development- Ruby on Rails development- Tier 3 and 4 end user support- Android app development- iPhone app development (native and HTML5) All in all, this has the makings of a solid partnership.

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