Network Redux recently expanded into a new, 1,200 square foot office space located in the Infopark Center.  The new offices are home to our Global Redux Technical Assistance Center (RTAC) which is staffed around-the-clock by our team of highly-trained system architects and engineers.

Geo Infopark

The Geo Infopark building is located in a prime location in the city of Kochi, at the heart of a major IT hub – providing best-in-class infrastructure and access to exceptional technical talent.

The new building has an open floor plan which can accommodate up to 20 engineers and has shared amenities including a dedicated conference room and cafeteria.   The Redux Technical Assistance Center is currently staffed by 3-4 engineers during regular business hours and 2 engineers during the evening shift; assuring that someone is always monitoring the Redux network and available to respond to customer support requests.

The TAC team added some nice touches to make the new space feel like home – including plants, beanbag chairs, and an entertainment system with a large screen TV.  Sujith Mohan, Director of the RTAC said, “the guys really enjoy being at the office and hanging out after shift hours and spending time together, which is one of our team’s core strengths.”  With several other major technology companies located nearby in the Kochi Infopark, the Network Redux team has many opportunities to collaborate with other engineers and learn new technologies.

To celebrate this auspicious occasion, the team invited family and friends to participate in a ribbon cutting and lamp lighting ceremony.  Each team member lit a wick on an oil lamp to invoke blessings.

Lamp Lighting

As Sujith Mohan explained, “light symbolizes knowledge and knowledge is a lasting inner wealth by which all outer achievement can be accomplished. Hence we light the lamp in reverence to knowledge as the greatest of all forms of wealth.”  Even the direction of the lamp lighting has significance.  Lighting a lamp to the north brings success in all ventures while lighting one to the east brings good health and peace of mind.

TAC Team

We wish the Global RTAC team much success and happiness as they settle into their new home.

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