Cloud Migrations

Over the course of the last decade, Network Redux has developed significant expertise in data migrations. From our expansive internal Data Center migrations to complex customer migrations, we have settled a multitude of high-level, complex technology solutions from legacy platforms to new, next-generation architecture. With a growing customer base leveraging the cloud, desiring a solid, low-latency user experience and dynamic scalability, we look to apply our vast knowledge of seamlessly transferring clients from traditional shared hosting environments to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in an organized, vetted, and secure manner.


Volcanic Star Migrations

To demonstrate, we recently relocated leading web marketing firm, Volcanic Star to AWS. In charge of optimizing inbound traffic for a multitude of high-profile websites, Volcanic Star had multiple shared hosting sites and virtual private servers spread across different vendors. Growing rapidly, they needed to consolidate to a single platform and make sure that platform was performing consistently around-the-clock. They were tired of managing their own systems and being woken up at night to attend to admin tasks. Hardware outages, maintenance windows, and experiencing severe downtime were ongoing issues.

Volcanic Star Migrations


Roadmap for Migrations:

Platform Assessment

Discovery phase, detailed understanding of the current environment and identifying issues and pain points with legacy platforms.

Proof of Concept

Outlining new cloud platform and cloud tools and testing and validating proposed architecture.

Data Migration

Comprehensive data migration, reproducing identical core services and system architecture from the existing server to the new one.  Our typical process involves recreating the web server, database, email, and all other applications, content and cron jobs running.


Leveraging Cloud Services

Integrating cloud solutions for optimizing platform performance.

Cloud Optimization

Cost optimization to gather better visibility on monthly spend and how we can reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

Ongoing Management & Monitoring

We offer managed 24/7/365 support through AWS infrastructure.

Amazon EC2 vs Shared Hosting:

Network Redux has been using AWS since its decision to leverage the power of the public cloud. As the hosting industry is moving away from shared models, we can easily share the benefits of using AWS over shared hosting services.

  • Performance: Unable to control the resources in a shared hosting environment, performance is inconsistent. With AWS, Network Redux can choose EC2 instances and guarantee a certain level of performance to clients. We can give clients the option to choose T2 instances for hosting baseline applications. If client requirements change, then Network Redux has the option to upgrade the instance to more powerful Elastic Block Storage (EBS) optimized M4 instances. AWS gives Network Redux the versatility to accommodate the performance needs of its customers.
  • Server Uptime: Intentionally or unintentionally users can overload a shared environment and cause crashes. With AWS, Network Redux has complete control over the servers, which means better uptime. Also, AWS has a service commitment to have Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS each available with a Monthly Uptime Percentage of at least 99.95%. Network Redux can rely on this service commitment to serve our customers with more confidence.
  • Security: In a shared hosting environment, the hosting provider controls all the access privileges. AWS provides more granular security through its Identity and Access Management (IAM). Network Redux can use IAM to create a more secure environment for its client applications.
  • Server Management: Shared hosting environment are great for general users because it installs cPanel and takes care of server maintenance tasks. Users are only responsible for application admin tasks. However, for hosting service providers, it is restrictive. With AWS, Network Redux has the ability to install cPanel and WHM to our own necessary configurations. We can optimize the EC2 instances to provide the best performance for specific installations, such as WordPress. Also, Amazon S3 provides a reliable mechanism to backup important data. Network Redux can rely on Amazon S3 for keeping our customers’ data safe.

Your team is awesome. The stuff we have been through with my conversions have been tricky to say the least, and they just go above and beyond in every conceivable way. I couldn’t be happier.

Kelly Bakst

President, Volcanic Star

Due to the advanced expertise required with data migrations to AWS, Network Redux can guide you through relocating to an AWS solution and fine-tuning it for optimal performance. We specialize in the following services:

  • Cloud Migrations
  • Service Optimization
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring & Management

Network Redux looks forward to continuing with AWS as our primary cloud hosting platform. Contact us today to see how we can help you migrate to a reliable, cloud-based, scalable, and high-performing hosting infrastructure on AWS.

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