Managed AWS

Harness the global footprint of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Let Network Redux introduce you to the powerful cloud solutions offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). We provide ongoing management needs or one-time setup implementations specifically tailored to your needs.

Global Reach

Leverage the vast network backbone that encompasses AWS to provide your clients a solid, low latency user experience. All managed by our team.

Certified Engineers

From selecting the appropriate AWS service based on your specific requirements to ongoing monitoring and management, we provide end-to-end managed AWS support.

Built to Scale

The dynamic scalability of AWS is cloud computing in its truest form. Our expertise can help you scale your platform instantaneously, no matter when you need it.

Reduce Admin Costs

AWS billing and administration is murky at best. Take the headache out of computing costs with our monthly re-bill, delivered as one clear and concise invoice.

Our Managed AWS includes:

  • Certified AWS Engineers
  • Best Practice Design and Deployment
  • EC2 Operating System Management
  • CloudWatch Monitoring and Incident Response
  • AWS Billing Optimization
  • Complimentary Data Migrations
  • Automation and DevOps
  • Disaster Recovery Planning

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