As the leading order management software, Magento connects online shoppers and sellers in a powerful way.  This robust tool is best harnessed by an optimized environment with underlying architecture built specifically for Magento. The following outlines a build completed for a leading online store built on Magento, selling nutritious and holistic pet foods.  

Original platform:

The source setup involved two virtualized servers – one for the web and the other for the database(s).  The issue with configuration is that a single point of failure existed.  If there was ever a hardware failure, the site would be offline and the client would experience downtime.  Also, resource contention was contributing to future scalability issues and the handling of sudden or seasonal traffic spikes.  

The client’s requirements were such that allowed them to deploy a secure and scalable e-commerce store that provided end-users with a fast, high-performing experience, backed by 100% uptime guarantee.

Solution Design:

Precipitated on dedicated hardware to meet the client’s security needs, equipped with SSD drives to handle the I/O-heavy applications – configured in a bonded state to achieve high availability so the load is distributed between servers and leveraging all available resources. Encompassed by Juniper SRX firewalls configured in Active/Passive mode. A dedicated staging/development was also provisioned for future modifications, as well as disaster recover site configured on AWS in the event of a complete failure.

A dedicated staging/development was also provisioned for future modifications, as well as disaster recover site configured on AWS in the event of a complete failure.

Premised on open source solutions, the software configurations are as follows:

  • Pacemaker cluster stack, capable of coordinating the startup and recovery of inter-related services across a set of machines
  • HAProxy, offering high availability, load balancing, and proxying for TCP and HTTP-based applications
  • Percona Server, a high-performance MySQL database, and best replacement fork of the MySQL project
  • DRBD, cluster storage that eliminates the need for expensive SAN or NAS for shared storage
  • Linux Containers (LXC) containers, simulate an exact replica of production in the staging/development server
WebserverApplication side HAProxy used as a front end to receive the connection and Nginx used as the backend to serve requests. HAProxy and its virtual IPs integrated into the Percona cluster for the purpose of High Availability.  All data is stored on shared storage, making it available on both servers.
DatabasePercona MySQL server is used for the best performance.  An active/passive setup is built with the help of DRBD and a Pacemaker cluster stack.  This ensures that database services will continue run in case of any server failure.

Magento offers an innovative open source technology and is a leading platform for e-commerce innovation. Due to the advanced expertise required with Magento hosting, Network Redux can guide you through architecting your Magento solution and fine-tuning it for optimal performance.  We offer the following services:

  • PCI Compliance – Providing infrastructure and solutions built for PCI requirements, we can help to reduce the scope and complexity of compliance efforts.
  • Technical expertise – As a customer, you have unfettered access to our software engineers, data scientists, and system architects every day, all day, who can assist your team with troubleshooting issues and optimizing your application’s performance.
  • Redux Experience – By taking a proactive approach in everything we do, and delivering exceptional communication to our clients. Our team is available around-the-clock from our 24/7 network operations center, and we’re happy to tailor our style to the way your team works.

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