For over a decade, Network Redux has been building infrastructure for thousands of clients around the globe. Fully-redundant infrastructure premised on our complete control of the user experience, from the network edge to the storage backend.

With the explosive innovation of modern applications, storing and analyzing data is no longer just a matter of spinning up servers or virtual machines. Many companies are building upon distributed systems which demand low network latency, regional redundancy, and platform specific support engineers.

With this awareness, Network Redux formed an internal Research and Development group called Redux Labs to build enterprise services on top of our hosting infrastructure. Today I am excited to discuss our forthcoming data platform platform, Seastar.

Introducing Seastar Managed Apache Cassandra

Seastar is a data platform based on Apache Cassandra, which runs on top of our business critical infrastructure. The service provides an elegant dashboard and API that make it simple to provision and manage Cassandra clusters across multiple geographic regions. As well, this platform will maintain a competitive edge by keeping costs below commodity cloud-based alternatives.

Unique to the hosting industry, we have also maintained self-ownership of Network Redux. As a result we will be privately seeding each product and platform which emerges from our Labs.

Our growth and success have consistently been fueled by innovation in the way we architect solutions for our clients, and by our continued focus on understanding and meeting their needs. Our investment in Redux Labs and the forthcoming release of Seastar continue this tradition.

To learn more and sign up to participate in the Seastar beta program, please visit us at

Thomas Brenneke, President
Network Redux, LLC

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