Our Global Infrastructure

We operate bare metal and cloud infrastructure in various availability zones within multiple geographic regions around the world.

Benefits of our Infrastucture



Multiple layers of security and ability to withstand distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, bolstered by a 24/7 technical support staff. Follow PCI DSS Industry Compliance regulations (Credit Cards), SSAE 16 SOC 2 certified.


Global Access Platforms

Our clients benefit from of the most robust network backbones available. Access platforms worldwide to accelerate client reach or provide geographically diverse off-site replication.


Managed Services

Our core strength is the management of our infrastructure. Premised on High Availability and distributed risk models, our engineers are monitoring your network and server health 24/7/365.



We have the unique ability to quickly adapt to a client’s ever changing needs allowing our clients to spend less time waiting for new large deployments and increasing their speed to market



No upfront capital outlay with a reasonable recurring operating expense and the flexibility to pay only for the compute power, storage, and other resources you use.



Build an optimized environment for your application and easily add memory, storage, and additional CPU when you need it.

Platforms we use


Internap’s infrastructure is built above industry standards with a seamless, eco-friendly design. Our co-location partnership with Internap allows us to offer clients:

  • State-of-the-art equipment with high-powered processes, memory, and storage.
  • Maximum network availability thanks to carrier neutral facility.
  • Minimal latency with the availability of various routes.
  • An excellent, consistent online experience for users due to leading Managed Internet Route Optimizer (MIRO) patented architecture.
  • Access to bare-metal in data centers worldwide.
  • Flexibility in space solutions to meet the needs of your growing business.

Our facilities are built for reliability offering N+1 or more throughout ensuring optimal uptime. With multiple entrance vaults for power and network, we are equipped to support highly critical sites in which downtime is not an option. Our infrastructure, including our generators, UPS, and cooling system is designed with best practices in mind to maximize stability.
We utilize some of the latest data center design techniques such as in-row cooling and have an overall focus on green design.


Utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows us to service the global needs of our clients. AWS is a compelling cloud solution and can be harnessed to enhance your platform objectives. Achieving any type of management or support through AWS can be challenging and requires extensive training. Network Redux can help you with ongoing management needs or one-time setup implementations. By incorporating AWS into our solutions allows us to offer clients:

  • The ability to launch in expanding regions.
  • Connection to a global network with closer proximity to target markets.
  • Low latency and high bandwidth that creates a local experience for international users.
  • A high degree of flexibility to upgrade and downgrade as needed.

Our managed AWS cloud services allow clients to utilize this versatile solution with ease, all backed by our team of certified AWS engineers.

Let’s get started!

Drop us a line and we’ll answer your questions and help you select the right managed hosting solution for your business.

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