At Network Redux, we’re always looking for ways to enhance the performance and reliability of our network, and that’s why we recently installed a new 10Gbps circuit from Spectrum Networks to improve carrier connectivity in our flagship data center in Seattle, Washington.

We already had a robust public network using a BGP mesh to access over 100Gbps of transit and peering from 10 different tier-1 and tier-2 providers using Internap’s Managed Internet Routing Optimization (MIRO) capabilities.  The new Spectrum link gives us even more carrier redundancy and allows us to advertise their additional IP address space over our already multi-homed network architecture to provide even greater resiliency.

With the addition of the Spectrum 10Gbps circuit, we also gain access to 190 peering partners who either have direct peering agreements with Spectrum, or who are affiliated through peering exchanges such as the Seattle Internet Exchange and Northwest Access Exchange.  With these peering relationships, Network Redux is able to significantly reduce the number of hops to our destinations – both inbound and outbound.

As one of the West Coast’s largest independent Internet and network service providers, Spectrum offers incredible reliability backed by an industry-leading SLA, and access to their extensive network of fiber connections into every major data center in Vancouver BC, greater Seattle/Tacoma, Portland, and the Bay area.  Their diverse physical routes and equipment protect against single points of failure.

For our customers, this means faster performance, shorter routes, and a reduced risk of outage due to carrier-related issues.  It’s just one of the many ways Network Redux is constantly improving our service and delivering true N+1 reliability for our customers.

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