Dell Equallogic is our chosen vendor for SAN storage within our Enterprise platforms. We leverage both the PS6000XV and PS4000 models for different purposes.

Our PS6000XV models are used for our Enterprise client production storage pools, and our E-VS Citrix XenServer pools. Our PS4000 usage is primarily for offsite asynchronous replication which we provide to all of our Enterprise customers.

Today is an excellent example of the Equallogic platform handling an event failure, dispatching notifications and self-healing.

Disk 7 of the array unit went into a failure status, the Equallogic group immediately replaced this disk with a hot spare from the member array (each Equallogic keeps 2 hot spares per chassis). Immediately following began a rebuild of the RAID-10 degradation and an email report to our Operations and the Dell Equallogic support group.

Keeping mission critical support services on our Equallogic PS6000XVÂ’s DellÂ’s internal Operations team had a ticket opened before we were able to call in and dispatch a request for resolution.

Here are before and after pictures of the array, as we all love to look at pictures.

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