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Amazon Aurora, an Alternative Database Solution

Reasons to Use Amazon Aurora Traditional databases were designed and optimized for on-premise servers. However, when it comes to the cloud, these databases are unable to take advantage of the flexibility, scalability, and performance improvements inherent to cloud...

AWS Online Auction Platform

Seattle-based CyberAuctions is home to one of the first online auction platforms operating using Real-Time Technology. Affording customers an authentic bidding experience, accessible from any device, as well as a prompt, secure payment method - CyberAuctions breaks...

Magento Optimized Build

As the leading order management software, Magento connects online shoppers and sellers in a powerful way.  This robust tool is best harnessed by an optimized environment with underlying architecture built specifically for Magento. The following outlines a build...

Welcome 2017

Winter break always allows for pause and reflection, and of course family members in need of technical assistance!  As we dust off items left unfinished before holidays and usher in a new business year, we would like to quickly issue heartfelt thanks to our clients...

Network Redux creates Seastar for managed database hosting

Network Redux provides enterprise-class web, application and data hosting services. The company has recently expanded their business to include a managed hosting offering specifically for Apache Cassandra. The new service is called Seastar, and it is a data platform...

Introducing Redux Labs

Network Redux has formed an internal Research and Development group called Redux Labs to build enterprise services on top of our hosting infrastructure. Today I am excited to discuss our forthcoming data platform for Apache Cassandra, called Seastar.

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