Seattle-based CyberAuctions is home to one of the first online auction platforms operating using Real-Time Technology. Affording customers an authentic bidding experience, accessible from any device, as well as a prompt, secure payment method – CyberAuctions breaks the traditional auction mold, whilst still delivering a competitive, fun, and secure bidding environment.

In search of a dynamic and flexible AWS consulting firm to reinvigorate their platform, CyberAuctions reached out to Network Redux.

Why AWS:

Achieving a cloud-based online auction platform is best achieved by utilizing Amazon Web Service’s auto-scaling feature. As auctions are only taking place during certain times, taking advantage of auto-scaling can reduce operating expenses, rendering it unnecessary to maintain vast resources simply to accommodate performance during peak auction times. Auto scaling can be applied in various scenarios and is a great tool for proactive scaling.

Also, an important consideration of online auctions is low latency. Ensuring the entire platform, including network connections, are as quick as possible. Loading time and delayed performance can result in user falloff. Leveraging Amazon’s network performance, fast storage, and high compute capabilities, we were able to design a low latency system and improve connection speed.

Cyber Auctions is deployed as a multi-layer architecture with continuous integration between Production, Staging, and Development. Elastic Load Balancers distribute traffic to EC2 instances running Nginx and PHP, configured within an auto scaling group. DynamoDB is used for session storage, and Amazon Aurora is utilized for relational database services. Each layer is highly available and redundant across multiple availability zones. Development and staging are mirrored to the Production environment. Some Amazon technologies used in this design:


  • Amazon EC2 Instances
  • Amazon Route 53 Managed DNS Service
  • Amazon Elastic Load Balancer
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon Aurora Database Service
  • Amazon Code Deploy with Bitbucket Integration
  • Amazon CloudWatch
  • Amazon IAM
  • Amazon EFS and S3 for data storage
  • Amazon SNS Service for notifications and alerting
  • Amazon CloudFormation



Database Scaling

For monitoring and managing DynamoDB, we have deployed Dynamic DynamoDB. Auction traffic can be unpredictable at best, and the system was designed with this in mind.

This design allows DynamoDB to scale up and down as required, based on predefined policies, without the need for manual intervention. Our team is currently evaluating a recent auto scaling feature introduced by Amazon to replace Dynamic DynamoDB.


Security and Ongoing Management

Along with regularly conducted security checks and compliance audits to make sure the environment is safe and secure, our dedicated team monitors the infrastructure and proactively responds to server events. Monitoring dashboards and notifications using Amazon CloudWatch and additional APM monitoring using NewRelic have been implemented.


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